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Hello everyone and welcome to Seams-Unusual, a Creations and Alterations Studio in Portland, Oregon!  Katrina Acaster (our President) has returned to school!  Please be patient while we accommodate this schedule. She expects to graduate with a business degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation form The University of Portland by the end of 2015.

While at school, Katrina has noticed than many other students don’t have regular access to sewing machines or mannequins.  She is very seriously considering the idea of hosting a semi-regular open to the semi-public “Stitch and Bitch” in North Portland.  If you are interested, do drop an email to

Most of our recent updates and quick news can be found at our Facebook page. Subscribe to updates from our page to see videos, pictures and news as it happens!

Come find us at PDX GEAR Con’s “Grand Day Out” in May of 2016!

Seams-Unusual has joined Square!  Now if you meet us at a vendor’s booth or on Alberta Street, we can accept payments by credit card!  This is very exciting news for us, as fewer and fewer people we know are carrying cash these days…

Look to our Etsy page in the next few months to see new product as we build it!  We have a few items up already and plan on putting up more soon.

The Wheatgrinder Productions Indie film that we provided costumes for is In the Can! and was chosen as an Official Selection for the Columbia Gorge International Film Festival 2012!  Here is the film:


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